Four Books of Songs by Animus

One - Four Early Songs  5.00

The Moor - The Fiddler of Dooney - On His Mistress - Old Age

Sheet music available

Two - Eleven Songs 9.00

Daybreak - Elegy - Love on my heart - So sweet love seemed

Cradle Song - The Colour - The Pink Frock

If it's ever spring again - Tolerance

To Sincerity - I will not let thee go


Three - In Tenebris - Three songs for baritone and piano 5.00

In Tenebris - Why art thou silent? - Wessex Heights

Sheet music available

Four - Swan Songs - A song cycle for mezzo-soprano and piano 7.50

Song of St. Mary the Virgin (Magnificat)

The Song of Simeon (Nunc Dimittis)

Idleness - Christmas Day - In Cornwall

Expectans Expectavi - The Holy Tide

The Glance - Sleep