Two Choral Preludes Op. 14 (pre - 1928)      
  Two Sea Preludes (1927)      
  What Pleasure Have Great Princes (1931)     CD10
  Three Pastorals Op. 58 (1941-2)     CD2
Six Easter Meditations (i) Op. 64 (1943-44)      
  (ii) Op. 65 (1944)      
  (iii) Op. 71 (1945)      
  (iv) Op. 71 (1945)     CD2
  (v) Op. 82 (1946)      
  (vi) Op. 82 (1946)     CD2
  A Christmas Tune Op. 75 (1945)      
  Prelude in the Manner of a Passacaglia Op. 79  (1946) CD1&2     CD2
Two Harvest Meditations ii Op 85 (1947)        
  Seven Seasonal Sketches (1956-57), CD1

Sheet music available

written when Robin was organist at Butcombe, playing this organ

  Seven Seasonable Sketches Op. 110 (Novello) CD2     CD2
  Prelude on ‘O Filii et Filliae’ Op. 114 (1959)      
Four Chorale Preludes Op. 114 (1959) (i) Veni Emmanuel      
  (ii) In Dulci Jubilo

Sheet music available

  (iii) Forty Days and Forty Nights     CD2
  (iv) O Sacred Head      
  Chorale Prelude on 'Rockingham' Op. 114 (1959)      
  Chorale Prelude on 'Hanover'      
  Come, All You Worthy Gentlemen Novello NOV010164 . Sheet music available - Music Sales HL14006715   CD2
  Three Christmas Pieces     CD2
  Pastoral Dance on On Christmas Night     CD2 CD8
  Two Short Pieces      
  Seven Simple Pieces     CD2
  Chorale Prelude on St Columba     CD2 CD10
  Adagio for Organ (from Miniature String Quartet in G)      
  Minuet and Musette     CD2
  Traveller's Joy     CD2
  A Tune for Maundy Thursday     CD2
  The Holy Well     CD2
  O Little One Sweet     CD2
  The Moon Shines Bright     CD2
  Variations on the Coventry Carol     CD2